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BACKGROUND The equivalency of the Composite International Diagnostic Interview delivered by human interviewers (CIDI) and its computerized version (CIDI-Auto) was examined for anxiety and depressive disorders. METHODS Subjects were 40 patients at an Anxiety Disorders Clinic and 40 general medical practice attenders. The CIDI-Auto and CIDI were(More)
Research on outcomes from psychiatric disorders has highlighted the importance of expressed emotion (EE), but its cost-effective measurement remains a challenge. This article describes development of the Family Attitude Scale (FAS), a 30-item instrument that can be completed by any informant. Its psychometric characteristics are reported in parents of(More)
BACKGROUND The diagnosis of psychopathy is important for violence risk assessment. AIMS To investigate whether the syndromal structure of psychopathy, as measured by the Psychopathy Checklist-Revised (PCL-R), is the same in the UK and North America, and whether this measure yields scores that are equivalent in these two regions. METHOD Confirmatory(More)
OBJECTIVE To trial malnutrition screening in older adults presenting to an emergency department (ED) and compare two service delivery models of nutritional support on nutritional status, quality of life, falls and unplanned hospital admissions. DESIGN Participants (>60 years) presenting to ED screened at malnutrition risk were randomly allocated to either(More)