Danny Cheng

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The management of complicated appendicitis in children has evolved significantly over the last century. What initially was a surgeon's dilemma is becoming the interventional radiologist's task because image-guided percutaneous drainage of abscesses from a ruptured appendix obviates the need for urgent surgery and allows for selective interval appendectomy(More)
The multiple polymorphisms contributing to Alzheimer disease (AD) have been difficult to identify. Three essentially sufficient risk sets were found using a fuzzy latent classification statistical model; that is, grade-of-membership analysis, and genotypes for APOE, APOCI, LDLr, cystatin C, and cathepsin D (180 cases, 120 controls). These were: (a) CST3:GA(More)
BACKGROUND Hydatidiform mole (HM) is classified into partial (PHM) and complete (CHM) subtypes according to histopathologic and genetic criteria. Traditionally, it is believed that PHM carries a better prognosis and rarely develops metastasis. However, making a distinction between PHM and CHM using histologic criteria alone may be difficult. METHODS The(More)
Given the complex embryogenesis of the inferior vena cava (IVC), anatomic variations are commonly encountered. Duplication of the IVC occurs in up to 2.8% of the population. Though asymptomatic, a duplicated IVC has important clinical implications when attempting caval filtration. We present the case of a 45- year-old male with factor V leiden and protein C(More)
With modern cross-sectional imaging techniques, cystic lesions are very common and usually incidental findings, especially if small. However, when cysts enlarge, become infected, bleed, or undergo torsion, they can be symptomatic, and percutaneous drainage can be effective in the management. When cysts recur after aspiration, which is often the case for(More)
OBJECTIVES "Wafting" oxygen is a possible strategy to deliver oxygen to a patient who may not tolerate delivery systems that involve contact on the face. We wished to assess the concentration of oxygen delivered to the patient with various methods of "wafting" oxygen. DESIGN Three methods of wafting oxygen were examined: an infant resuscitator bag, a(More)
INTRODUCTION Ventriculo-peritoneal (VP) shunt malfunction is usually due to blockage of the ventricular catheter and this is typically apparent as enlarged ventricles on a CT scan of the brain. We describe a less common radiological finding in an infant with a blocked shunt. CASE REPORT A male infant presenting with hydrocephalus in the neonatal period(More)
In a typical software company, a workstation would have an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Eclipse installed used for development and a project management system used to track the progress of the project in the web. In recent years, these binary-based IDEs have become web-based IDEs. Some examples of such systems are CtrlSpace and CodeRun.(More)