Danny C. C. Ko

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The sorption of copper and cadmium ions onto bone char in single component systems has been studied using fixed-bed column adsorbers. The effects of solution flowrate, initial metal ion concentration and bone char particle size have been studied. A film-pore diffusion model has been developed to predict the fixed-bed breakthrough curves for the two metal(More)
Abstract—A large variety of pipe flange is required in marine and construction industry. Pipe flanges are usually welded or screwed to the pipe end and are connected with bolts. This approach is very simple and widely used for a long time; however, it results in high development cost and low productivity, and the productions made by this approach usually(More)
The sorption of cadmium and copper ions from aqueous solutions onto bone char using fixed-bed adsorbers has been studied. A film-pore diffusion model has been utilized to predict theoretical breakthrough curves, which are compared with experimental breakthrough curves by means of error analysis. The key parameters for correlating the theoretical model are(More)
In this paper we present a technique, called Extended-Parity Checking, for the design of error-detecting circuits for combinational logic networks. Its concept is derived from the conventional parity checking technique, which is applicable only for odd number of errors, yet it can detect errors of any degree. A structural model, called the fanoutgraph, is(More)
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