Danny Bowman

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We have investigated the effects of omega-CmTX MVIIC on the recombinant alpha 1B-mediated calcium channel expressed in HEK 293 cells and on the predominantly N-type calcium channel in chick synaptosomes. omega-CmTX MVIIC potently and reversibly inhibited the calcium current through alpha 1B-mediated calcium channels and inhibited KCl-evoked increases in(More)
The presynaptic terminals of skate (Raja montagui) electric organ were tested for their sensitivity to calcium channel antagonists. Acetylcholine (ACh) release and the elevation of intraterminal Ca2+ concentrations triggered by K+ depolarisation were studied. ACh release was measured as 3H efflux from slices of organ prelabelled with [3H]choline.(More)
Continued fractions whose elements are polynomial sequences have been carefully studied mostly in the cases where the degree of the numerator polynomial is less than or equal to two and the degree of the denominator polynomial is less than or equal to one. Here we study cases of higher degree for both numerator and denominator poly-nomials, with particular(More)
Release of acetylcholine (ACh) from the presynaptic terminals in skate electric organ was tested for its sensitivity to calcium channel antagonists. A pharmacological profile was established by measuring inhibition of K(+)-stimulated release of [3H]ACh from prelabelled tissue slices. Peptide antagonists of N-type (omega-conotoxins GVIA and MVIIA) and P-type(More)
The human alpha 1B-1 alpha 2b beta 1-2 Ca2+ channel was stably expressed in HEK293 cells producing a human brain N-type voltage-dependent calcium channel (VDCC). Whole cell voltage-clamp electrophysiology and fura-2 based microfluorimetry have been used to study its characteristics. Calcium currents (ICa) recorded in transfected HEK293 cells were activated(More)
The effect of various blockers of voltage operated calcium channels (VOCCs) was studied on the non-inactivating, plateau phase of KCl-induced intracellular free Ca2+ ([Ca2+]i) elevation in rat cortical and chicken forebrain synaptosomes. In chicken synaptosomes, omega-CgTx GVIA (0.1 nM to 1 microM) and omega-CgTx MVIIA (0.1 nM to 1 microM), both selective(More)
1. Partitions with gaps. Bijections between various restricted partitions of integers have been extensively studied (see [2], [3]). In this paper we introduce a generalization of partitions, which are really a kind of restricted composition [3], and obtain bijections between certain classes of them and classes of ordinary partitions. Our generalization(More)