Danny Bøgsted Poulsen

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This paper offers a survey of UPPAAL-SMC, a major extension of the real-time verification tool UPPAAL. UPPAAL-SMC allows for the efficient analysis of performance properties of networks of priced timed automata under a natural stochastic semantics. In particular, UPPAAL-SMC relies on a series of extensions of the statistical model checking approach(More)
This tutorial paper surveys the main features of Uppaal SMC, a model checking approach in Uppaal family that allows us to reason on networks of complex real-timed systems with a stochastic semantic. We demonstrate the modeling features of the tool, new verification algorithms and ways of applying them to potentially complex case studies.
This paper offers a natural stochastic semantics of Networks of Priced Timed Automata (NPTA) based on races between components. The semantics provides the basis for satisfaction of Probabilistic Weighted CTL properties (PWCTL), conservatively extending the classical satisfaction of timed automata with respect to TCTL. In particular the extension allows for(More)
This paper presents novel extensions and applications of the UPPAAL-SMC model checker. The extensions allow for statistical model checking of stochastic hybrid systems. We show how our race-based stochastic semantics extends to networks of hybrid systems, and indicate the integration technique applied for implementing this semantics in the UPPAAL-SMC(More)
We present a novel approach and implementation for analysing weighted timed automata (WTA) with respect to the weighted metric temporal logic (WMTL≤). Based on a stochastic semantics of WTAs, we apply statistical model checking (SMC) to estimate and test probabilities of satisfaction with desired levels of confidence. Our approach consists in generation of(More)
We present a new technique for verifying Weighted Metric Temporal Logic (WMTL) properties of Weighted Timed Automata. Our approach relies on Statistical Model Checking combined with a new monitoring algorithm based on rewriting rules. Contrary to existing monitoring approaches for WMTL ours is exact. The technique has been implemented in the statistical(More)
Statistical Model Checking (SMC) is a highly scalable simulation-based verification approach for testing and estimating the probability that a stochastic system satisfies a given linear temporal property. The technique has been applied to (discrete and continuous time) Markov chains, stochastic timed automata and most recently hybrid systems using the tool(More)
In this paper we present a modelling formalism for dynamic networks of stochastic hybrid automata. In particular, our formalism is based on primitives for the dynamic creation and termination of hybrid automata components during the execution of a system. In this way we allow for natural modelling of concepts such as multiple threads found in various(More)