Danno Ferrin

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Certifying that a large-scale complex modeling and simulation (M&S) application can be used for a set of specific purposes is an onerous task, which involves complex evaluation processes throughout the entire M&S development life cycle. The evaluation processes consist of verification and validation activities, quality assurance, assessment of qualitative(More)
This paper introduces an approach for highly efficient simulation of supply networks in which several nodes use advanced planning and scheduling (APS) systems. APS systems increasingly become part of bigger companies IT landscape. Today, APS systems communicate only with the ERP system they sit on top of. If APS systems would be able to communicate with(More)
To date, most search theory study has focused either on analytical models of specific situations requiring rigid assumptions, or, as in the case of search and rescue, operational experiments aimed at obtaining detection probabilities for a variety of scenarios. Analytical search theory results provide bounds on empirical results. This research introduces an(More)
The Extend simulation environment provides the tools for all levels of modelers to efficiently create accurate, credible, and usable models. Extend’s design facilitates every phase of the simulation project, from creating, validating, and verifying the model, to the construction of a user interface which allows others to analyze the system. Simulation tool(More)
Healthcare facilities, especially hospitals, are under financial pressure to control cost. One element that affects cost significantly is staff. We have developed a tool that integrates a simulation model and an integer linear program (ILP). The simulation model establishes the staffing requirements for each period, and the ILP produces an optimal calendar(More)
As the focus of the teaching-learning process moves from teaching to learning, the need for a better understanding by teachers of the psychology of learning increases in relevance. Many studies have proved the differences between students’ learning styles which leads to the need for different approaches to be adopted when teaching a subject. This article(More)
We are developing interactive simulations of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Reference Test Facility for Autonomous Mobile Robots (Urban Search and Rescue). The NIST USAR Test Facility is a standardized disaster environment consisting of three scenarios of progressive difficulty: Yellow, Orange, and Red arenas. The USAR task(More)
Online simulation of pedestrian flow in public buildings is a new tool which can be especially useful for improving the aspects of safety and short-term planning in the phase of organizing and operating large public buildings. These might be places such as a train station, an airport or a shopping center. This paper provides an insight into the different(More)
The paper presents a simulation-optimization approach using genetic algorithm to the supplier selection problem. The problem consists in selecting a portfolio of suppliers from a set of pre-selected candidates. The supplier selection is a multi-criteria problem that includes both qualitative and quantitative criteria. In order to select the best suppliers(More)