Danning Zheng

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BACKGROUND Autologous fat transplantation has frequently been used by many surgeons for facial recontouring in esthetic patients, with good long-term results. However, this technique has not been used primarily in treating patients with hemifacial atrophy, and its efficacy and long-term outcome remain unknown. METHODS In a 7-year period, 31 patients with(More)
BACKGROUND An up-to-date, simple, but useful technique to evaluate the viability of fat grafts prior to transplant is lacking. The purpose of this study is to introduce the glucose transport test - a new method to evaluate the viability of fat grafts after they are subjected to different centrifugal forces in vitro. METHOD Fat grafts were harvested from(More)
BACKGROUND The pedicle paramedian flap is the most common method used to reconstruct the nose, but secondary operations for debulking are required. In addition, this flap is always limited in length, which makes it hard to form the distal part of the nose. In this study, the authors suggest a split forehead flap with an oblique orientation designed to(More)
The currently recommended strategies for short nose elongation were designed primarily for the Caucasian nasal framework. For Oriental patients, more elongation often is required because a hypoplastic septal cartilage requires more elongation, resulting in a higher risk of complications. This report proposes a modified technique for Oriental nose(More)
BACKGROUND Nasal frame grafting has been widely used in nasal reconstruction; however, a stable nasal frame with satisfactory functional and aesthetic results is hard to achieve in total nasal reconstruction. In this study, we devised a technique to create an individually designed anchor-shaped nasal frame composed of an L-strut and two C-battens, and(More)
To explore the possibility of a one stage restoration of protective sensation and finger flexion after electrical burn of the hand, 5 patients with electrical injuries at the wrist were treated by a new free composite flap, originating from the medial lateral crural skin flap. This flap can repair skin, blood vessels, tendons, and nerves in a one-stage(More)
Precise home location detection has been actively studied in the past few years. It is indispensable in the researching fields such as personalized marketing and disease propagation. Since the last few decades, the rapid growth of geotagged multimedia database from online social networks provides a valuable opportunity to predict people's home location from(More)
BACKGROUND It is important to protect fat viability during grafting. This study aimed to clarify whether physical or chemical factors damage fat viability. METHODS Fat was harvested under high and low tumescence pressure, using syringes and a liposuction machine; this fat was injected through different gauge needles and cultured with lidocaine or(More)
Semantic place labeling has been actively studied in the past few years due to its importance in understanding human mobility and lifestyle patterns. In the last decade, the rapid growth of geotagged multimedia data from online social networks provides a valuable opportunity to predict people’s POI locations from temporal, spatial and visual cues. Among the(More)