Dannielle Golding

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Five patients with primary hypogammaglobulinaemia developed a severe polyarthritis that had some features in common with rheumatoid arthritis. Their joint disease could be distinguished from rheumatoid arthritis, however, by the dramatic improvement after gammaglobulin treatment. The arthritis of hypogammaglobulinaemia can, therefore, be included among the(More)
The principal clinical features and radiological findings relating to the locomotor system have been studied in 32 consecutive hospital admissions of patients with Wilson's disease. 5 of these patients were recently diagnosed and had as yet received no treatment, while 27 were routine admissions for follow-up and biochemical supervision of their illness.(More)
A total of 1,328 patients with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis were entered into this double-blind, parallel group study of tenoxicam and piroxicam. The patient populations were well matched. An improvement was seen in pain on moving and at night in both groups and in both indications. Stiffness was also improved by both drugs, being most marked in(More)
The possibility of hypothyroidism should be considered in patients presenting with rheumatic pains of uncertain aetiology. While it is established that this condition can occasionally present with muscle weakness due to myopathy (Fessel, 1968), it is perhaps less well appreciated that muscle pain and stiffness may predominate over weakness, and in this(More)