Dannia Colín-Castelán

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Neurogenesis is a process influenced by environmental cues that create highly specific functional niches. Recently, the role of blood vessels in the maintenance and functioning of neurogenic niches during development and in adult life has been hallmarked. In addition to their trophic support for the highly demanding neurogenic process, blood vessels(More)
In the adult brain, neuroblasts originating in the subventricular zone migrate through the rostral migratory stream to the olfactory bulb. While migrating, neuroblasts undergo progressive differentiation until reaching their final locations and fates. Because molecules involved in migration may also exert differentiating effects on young neurons, the(More)
Adult neurogenesis is influenced by blood-borne factors. In this context, greater or lesser vascular permeability along neurogenic niches would expose differentially neural stem cells (NSCs), transit amplifying cells (TACs), and neuroblasts to such factors. Here we evaluate endothelial cell morphology and vascular permeability along the forebrain neurogenic(More)
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