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Quantum key distribution (QKD) has the potential for widespread real-world applications. To date no secure long-distance experiment has demonstrated the truly practical operation needed to move QKD from the laboratory to the real world due largely to limitations in synchronization and poor detector performance. Here we report results obtained using a fully(More)
The theoretical existence of photon-number-splitting attacks creates a security loophole for most quantum key distribution (QKD) demonstrations that use a highly attenuated laser source. Using ultralow-noise, high-efficiency transition-edge sensor photodetectors, we have implemented the first version of a decoy-state protocol that incorporates finite(More)
Quantum communications is fast becoming an important component of many applications in quantum information science. Sharing quantum information over a distance among geographically separated nodes using photonic qubits requires a reconfigurable transparent networking infrastructure that can support quantum information services. Using quantum key(More)
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