Danmary Sanchez

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This study introduces an integrated algorithm based on the Walsh transform to detect interictal spikes and artifactual data in epileptic patients using recorded EEG data. The algorithm proposes a unique mathematical use of Walsh-transformed EEG signals to identify those criteria that best define the morphologic characteristics of interictal spikes. EEG(More)
This study focuses on the design of orthogonal operators based on unique Electroencephalograph (EEG) signal decompositions in order to detect interictal spikes that characterize epileptic seizures in EEG data. The merits of the algorithm are: (a) in elaborating a unique analysis scheme that scrutinizes EEG data through orthogonal operators designed to(More)
Single-phase magnetoelectric multiferroics are ferroelectric materials that display some form of magnetism. In addition, magnetic and ferroelectric order parameters are not independent of one another. Thus, the application of either an electric or magnetic field simultaneously alters both the electrical dipole configuration and the magnetic state of the(More)
This study introduces a 3-D segmentation method together with a graphical user interface (GUI) as means to effectively automate the process of segmentation with the ultimate objective of integrating and visualizing diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in a fully automated 3-D brain imaging system. A secondary objective is to(More)
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