Danko Velimir Vrdoljak

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AIMS AND BACKGROUND This study was aimed at analyzing metastatic involvement in interpectoral (Rotter's) lymph nodes in relation to tumor location, size, grade and hormone receptor status in primary breast cancer. METHODS The study included 172 female patients undergoing surgery for breast cancer at the University Hospital for Tumors, Zagreb, Croatia from(More)
AIM To estimate the incidence and mortality trends of gastric and colorectal cancers in Croatia between 1988 and 2008. METHODS Incidence data for the period 1988-2008 were obtained from the Croatian National Cancer Registry. The number of deaths from gastric and colorectal cancers were obtained from the World Health Organization mortality database.(More)
Breast cancer is the most common malignancy in women. Preventive measures, early diagnosis and development of all treatment modalities (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, hormonal and targeted biologic therapy) led to improvement in survival and quality of life of the patient. In order to standardize and optimize the approach, following good clinical(More)
The aim of the present study was to compare the efficiency of oral spray based on thermal spring water (Buccotherm®) versus commercial saliva substitute (Xeros®) and marshmallow root on the quality of life in patients with hyposalivation. A total of 60 patients with unstimulated salivary flow rate <0.2 ml/min were randomized into three groups. In the first(More)
OBJECTIVE We aimed at analyzing the metastatic involvement in interpectoral (Rotter's) lymph nodes (RLN) in relation to tumor marker CA 15-3. METHODS The study included 177 female patients undergoing surgery for primary breast cancer at the University Hospital for Tumors, Zagreb, Croatia from November 2001 to March 2004. In addition to the standard(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the impact of prognostic human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER-2) in invasive breast cancers on the findings of thermography tests. METHODS The study was carried out at the Department of Surgical Oncology and the Department of Pathology, University Clinical Hospital Center, Sisters of Mercy, Zagreb, Croatia, in(More)
Anaesthetic techniques can influence the cellular immune system and affect long term outcome. Cancer surgery itself and general anaesthetics, especially opioids, suppress immunity and therefore promote metastases. Regional anaesthesia attenuates the immunosuppressive effect of surgery. Local anaesthetics, contrary to opioids, stimulate the activity of(More)
Oral lichen planus (OLP) and oral lichenoid reaction (OLR) are clinically and histopathologically similar diseases. Whereas OLP is a consequence of T cell mediated autoinflammatory process to a still unknown antigen, OLR might be caused by drugs, dental restorative materials and dental plaque. Pubmed was searched and 24 publications published over the last(More)
Over-the-counter products rarely cause unwanted reactions in the oral cavity. Oral reactions to these agents are not specific and might present with various clinical oral findings. Detailed medical history is a key to the proper diagnosis of these lesions and fortunately other diagnostic procedures are rarely needed. Lesions are usually managed with(More)