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Deficits in transcriptional regulators of cortical parvalbumin neurons in schizophrenia.
Data suggest that in a subset of individuals with schizophrenia, Lhx6 deficits may contribute to a failure of some cortical parvalbumin and somatostatin neurons to successfully migrate or develop a detectable GABA-ergic phenotype.
Lower gene expression for KCNS3 potassium channel subunit in parvalbumin-containing neurons in the prefrontal cortex in schizophrenia.
Findings reveal lower KCNS3 expression in prefrontal cortical parvalbumin neurons in schizophrenia, providing a molecular basis for compromised detection of coincident synaptic inputs to parval bumin neurons that could contribute to altered γ-oscillations and impaired cognition in schizophrenia.
Consciousness Operates Beyond the Timescale for Discerning Time Intervals: Implications for Q-mind Theories and Analysis of Quantum Decoherence in Brain
The dynamical timescale of cognitive processes linked to consciousness are defined to be 10-15 picoseconds showing that macroscopic quantum coherent phenomena in brain are not ruled out, and even may provide insight in understanding life, information and consciousness.
Promotion of neuronal differentiation through activation of N‐methyl‐D‐aspartate receptors transiently expressed by undifferentiated neural progenitor cells in fetal rat neocortex
The results suggest that functional NMDA receptors may be transiently expressed to play a role in mechanisms underlying the modulation of proliferation along with the determination of subsequent differentiation fate toward a neuronal lineage in neural progenitor cells of developing rat neocortex.
Insensitivity to glutamate neurotoxicity mediated by NMDA receptors in association with delayed mitochondrial membrane potential disruption in cultured rat cortical neurons
C cortical neurons would be insensitive to the apoptotic neurotoxicity mediated by NMDA receptors through a mechanism related to mitochondrial membrane potentials, rather than intracellular free Ca2+ levels, in the rat brain.
Probing finite coarse-grained virtual Feynman histories with sequential weak values
Feynman's sum-over-histories formulation of quantum mechanics has been considered a useful calculational tool in which virtual Feynman histories entering into a quantum superposition cannot be
Cortical Gene Expression After a Conditional Knockout of 67 kDa Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase in Parvalbumin Neurons.
It is suggested that reduced GAD67 expression in PV neurons is not an upstream cause of the lower levels of GABA-associated transcripts, or of the characteristic behaviors, in schizophrenia, and increased levels of PV, BDNF, and KCNS3 mRNAs might be the consequence of increased neuronal activity secondary to lower GABA synthesis.
Quantum No-Go Theorems and Consciousness
Our conscious minds exist in the Universe, therefore they should be identified with physical states that are subject to physical laws. In classical theories of mind, the mental states are identified
Mind Efforts, Quantum Zeno Effect and Environmental Decoherence
In this article we present the mathematical formalism of Quantum Zeno Effect (QZE) and explain how the QZE arises from suppression of coherent evolution due to external strong probing action. Then we