Dankert Vedeler

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The visible kinematic pattern that occurs when objects collide contains information about the relative mass of the objects. Recently, Gilden and Proffitt (1989) have claimed that perceivers are limited to the use of simultaneous elemental cues and that therefore mass discrimination judgments are independent of whether the precollision epoch is visible or(More)
The relational-historical approach to the study of mother-infant interaction is discussed in the light of the theories of Henri Wallon and Mikhail Bakhtin. The central question addresses the relevance of the concept of dialogue for this area of research. It is argued that an important common ground for Wallon and Bakhtin is the focus on the bodily origin of(More)
It is argued that a definition of intentionality in terms of object directedness is more adequate than the traditional definition in terms of goal directedness. Inconsistencies in the use of "intentionality" among infant researchers are pointed out. A method of observation is explored, based on the definition in terms of behavioral object directedness, that(More)
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