Daniyal M. Alghazzawi

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This paper presents the pedagogical design, the technical development and initial findings of the educational program "From the Ancient to the Modern Tablets". Targeting at primary and secondary school students, this project aimed at creating immersive multimedia eLearning experiences about the book history as well as its future. The main aims for the(More)
Children with cochlear implants benefit from auditory-verbal therapy, or AVT, a therapy that involves an enormous focus on learning through listening. As the needs of each child can vary greatly, therapist are required to have as wide a range of materials at their disposal to address specific therapy requirements and maintain the interest of the patient in(More)
This paper describes an efficient simple proxy blind signature scheme. The security of the scheme is based on Elliptic Curve Discrete Logarithm Problem(ECDLP). This can be implemented in low power and small processor mobile devices such as smart card, PDA etc. A proxy blind signature scheme is a special form of blind signature which allows a designated(More)
Vulnerability of Information Systems is a major concern these days in all spheres of Financial, government, private sectors. Security of the Information Systems is one of the biggest challenges faces by almost all the organizations in today's world. Even though most of the organizations have realized the value of information and the part it plays in(More)
In this paper we present a cloud system that incorporate tools developed in HTML5 and JQuery technologies, which are offered to professors and students in the development of a teaching methodology called flipped classroom, where the theoretical content is usually delivered by video files and self-assessment tools that students can display from home. This(More)
The article proposes a novel construction of sign-cryption scheme with provable security which is most suited to be implement on smart card. It is secure in random oracle model and the security relies on Decisional Bilinear Diffie-Hellmann Problem. The proposed scheme is secure against adaptive chosen ciphertext attack (indistiguishbility) and adaptive(More)
In supervised prediction problems, the response attribute depends on certain explanatory attributes. Some real problems require the response attribute to represent ordinal values that should increase with some of the explaining attributes. They are called classification problems with monotonicity constraints. In this paper, we aim at formalizing the(More)