Daniya M. Nazmetdinova

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Magne-B6 was used, together with anticonvulsive therapy, in the treatment of 25 patients with different forms of epilepsy. In all cases, psychiatric status of patients featured by depression, anxiety and some psychotic sighs. The drug was prescribed in the mean therapeutic dose during 28 days. Along with psychopathologic examination, a psychometric method,(More)
Introduction. The current knowledge of significance of some neurobiological and clinical variables for the development of cognitive deterioration in patients with epilepsy remains sparse and controversial. Aim. The current study has been carried out in order to elucidate the role of handedness in terms of influence on cognitive processing and intelligence(More)
We studied 35 patients with organic brain lesions caused by secondary brain harmful factors (group 1) and 33 patients with organic brain diseases of vascular genesis (group 2). Mean age of patients was 45.5±2.3 years. Asthenic, cerebroasthenic, psychoorganic syndromes in the combination with dissomnic, psychoautonomous, depressive, hypochondriac disorders(More)
Clinical characteristics and cognitive functions have been studied during the examination and treatment of 132 patients with epilepsy. It has been shown that both the epileptic process by itself and the antiepileptic therapy are predictors of the memory-intellectual impairment. The key risk factors of cognitive impairment are the younger age of patients at(More)
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