Danish Ali Khan

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Steganography is the tactics of silent communication, where one person communicates with others through cover medium so that intermediary does not has suspicion about the hidden information. In this paper we propose a modified approach for text steganography based on HTML tags and attributes. As HTML is rich in tags and its attributes, easily communicated(More)
This article investigates the problems in inventory system and develops a model, integrated vendor-customer inventory policy for items with imperfect quality also with inspection errors and shortage cost. Quantity of delivered items to the customer is identical at each shipment. Production process is imperfect and it may produce certain number of defective(More)
Software testing takes a considerable amount of time and resources spent on producing software. Software testing includes test data generation that is the process of identifying a set of program input data satisfying a given testing criterion. There has been active research to find out ways to reduce the cost of software testing. Increasing the degree of(More)
Software companies need to reduce their estimated cost for surviving the business world. Now the present scenario software industries faces with greater competitive pressures and skyrocketing costs of software breakdown, to push high quality software within their limits to achieve new heights. Software quality and reducing the estimated cost, in this(More)
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