Danis Eka Prasetya Wicaksana

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Gate dielectrics composed primarily of lanthana and zirconia were prepared by reactive evaporation. The stability of the layers during high temperature anneals was investigated. By controlling the oxygen partial pressure during heat treatment, lanthana and zirconia films could be protected against reaction with the underlying Si substrate and against the(More)
The need for new, high permittivity dielectrics for gate stacks in CMOS devices is now well recognized. The timescales for the requirements is laid out in recent issues of the Semiconductor Industry Association Roadmap. The most pressing requirement is for low powered MOSFETs. Research into high permittivity candidate dielectrics has therefore proceeded(More)
Incubator as one of the mechanisms in the commercialization of technology plays an important role to commercialize the results of technology research in higher education. National electric car (Molina) as one of the results of university research commercialization requires a system to bring the results of research to the market. This paper aims to produce a(More)
Indonesia is in struggle to reach innovation-driven economy level. Utilization of great resources can be the way to accelerate the process. For that, Government of Indonesia has created a number of regulations. One of the policies is to develop innovation center as incubator. Using literature study, this paper conducts a study to know ‘how incubation scheme(More)
— There is a big problem in stabilize staple food distribution price. The unstable price occurs due to disparity of supply and demand between the harvesting period and planting period. An instrument of indirect market intervention has been created by previous research using buffer stocks system integrated in warehouse receipt system. The model used in(More)
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