Daning Sheng

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We reexamine the problem of a hole moving in an antiferromagnetic spin background and find that the injected hole will always pick up a sequence of nontrivial phases from the spin degrees of freedom. Previously unnoticed, such a string-like phase originates from the hidden Marshall signs which are scrambled by the hopping of the hole. We can rigorously show(More)
In contrast to ordinary symmetries, supersymmetry (SUSY) interchanges bosons and fermions. Originally proposed as a symmetry of our universe, it still awaits experimental verification. Here, we theoretically show that SUSY emerges naturally in condensed matter systems known as topological superconductors. We argue that the quantum phase transitions at the(More)
Developing a theoretical framework to access the quantum phases of itinerant bosons or fermions in two dimensions that exhibit singular structure along surfaces in momentum space but have no quasiparticle description remains a central challenge in the field of strongly correlated physics. In this paper we propose that distinctive signatures of such(More)
The fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) realized in two-dimensional electron systems under a magnetic field is one of the most remarkable discoveries in condensed matter physics. Interestingly, it has been proposed that FQHE can also emerge in time-reversal invariant spin systems, known as the chiral spin liquid (CSL) characterized by the topological(More)
Cooper pairing instability in a Fermi liquid is well understood by the BCS theory, but pairing mechanism for doped Mott insulators still remains elusive. Previously it has been shown by density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) method that a single doped hole is always self-localized due to the quantum destructive interference of the phase string signs(More)
Developing a theoretical framework for conducting electronic fluids qualitatively distinct from those described by Landau's Fermi-liquid theory is of central importance to many outstanding problems in condensed matter physics. One such problem is that, above the transition temperature and near optimal doping, high-transition-temperature copper-oxide(More)
—Due to the requirement of the inverse planning process, TPS(treatment planning system) of IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) needs accurate dose calculation method with high speed. A superposition /convolution algorithm for photon beams is presented in this paper based on Monte Carlo calculation. The dose distribution can be calculated by the(More)
—Based on the dose distribution results under the condition of vertical incident beam by finite-size Pencil Beam (fsPB) matrix model using Monte Carlo simulation, this paper introduces the means of coordinate transformation, which can transform the dose distribution from the condition of vertical incident to the arbitrary collimator rotational angel. The(More)
We present the first numerical studies of the disorder effect on the recently proposed intrinsic spin-Hall conductance in a three dimensional lattice Luttinger model. The results show that the spin-Hall conductance remains finite in a wide range of disorder strength, with large fluctuations. The disorder-configuration-averaged spin-Hall conductance(More)
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