Danilo Souza

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PURPOSE To evaluate the performance of support vector machine, multi-layer perceptron and radial basis function neural network as auxiliary tools to identify keratoconus from Orbscan II maps. METHODS A total of 318 maps were selected and classified into four categories: normal (n = 172), astigmatism (n = 89), keratoconus (n = 46) and photorefractive(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate an artificial neural network in order to correctly identify Orbscan II tests of patients with normal and keratoconus corneas. METHODS A retrospective analysis included 98 Orbscan II tests of 59 subjects and an artificial neural network was created and trained based on the Java Neural Network 1.1 software. Seventy-three tests (59 normal(More)
Bearing in mind the difficulty required to create virtual environments, a platform for Setting-up Interactive Virtual Environments (pSIVE) was created to help non-specialists benefit from virtual applications involving virtual tours where users may interact with elements of the environment to extract contextual information. The platform allows creating(More)
This work presents an ongoing work on a new approach to perform craniometric analysis based on contactless 3D modelling of skulls. Beside the acquisition process with a 3D range sensor and initial results in the semi-automatic detection of features in the skulls, we also present some results in the development of a 3D interactive interface that eases(More)
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