Danilo Souza Silva

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Two studies were conducted in Brazil using induced infestations of the New World screwworm, Cochliomyia hominivorax, to investigate: a) the comparative prophylactic efficacy of doramectin and ivermectin at their recommended use levels (200 micrograms kg-1 s.c.), and b) the duration of protection of a single injection of doramectin. In the comparative(More)
This study determined the presence of mutans streptococci and Candida spp. in supragingival dental plaque and infected dentine of caries-free children, with early childhood caries and caries. Pooled samples of dental plaque and infected dentine were collected from 56 children aged 1-5 years, which were divided into 3 groups: early childhood caries (ECC);(More)
GRUNDLAGEN: Leberteratom sind seltene Neoplasien, die weniger als 1% aller Teratom darstellen. Definitionsgemäß muss ein Teratom Gewebe von mindestens 2 der 3 Keimblattschichten aufweisen, je nach histopathologischem Aspekt können sie als gut- oder bösartig eingestuft werden. METHODIK: Klinischer Fallbericht. ERGEBNISSE: Es wird der Fall einer erwachsenen(More)
PURPOSE Evaluate corneal endothelium by means of specular microscopy exam in patients with Keratoconus, before and after Cornealring® corneal intrastromal ring surgery. METHODS One hundred and two eyes of 67 patients, aged between 12 and 45, with the average age of 27.31 ± 8.15 years, 30 females and 37 males, were selected to be submitted to the implant(More)
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