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Impacts of exhaust gas emissions on the environment and air pollution from ships have received considerable attention in the past few decades. Due to the characteristics of the combustion process, typical for large marine two-stroke low-speed engines, and the use of residual fossil fuels, the world’s fleet emits into the atmosphere significant amount of(More)
Liquid cooling of electronic devices is widely accepted as the next logical step for electronics thermal management as board level air cooling becomes insufficient to meet the needs of next generation components and devices. One promising technology is liquid jet array impingement as it can achieve exceptionally high area averaged heat transfer(More)
Shipping represents a significant source of diesel emissions, which affects global climate, air quality and human health. As a solution to this problem, biodiesel could be used as marine fuel, which could help in reducing the negative impact of shipping on environment and achieve lower carbon intensity in the sector. In Southern Europe, some oily wastes,(More)
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