Danilo Gullotto

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Laccases are multicopper oxidases in which substrate oxidation takes place at the type-1 (T1) copper site. The redox potential (E (0)) significantly varies amongst members of the family and is a key parameter for substrate specificity. Despite sharing highly conserved features at the T1 copper site, laccases span a large range of E (0), suggesting that the(More)
Redundancy of prediction methods has been used to explore the occurrence of weak homology protein motifs. A hybrid template-based algorithm has been implemented to predict different layers of protein structure by detecting domain building sub-structures, which share low sequence identity. Physicochemical determinants, secondary structure profiles, and(More)
This paper presents a computer aided design method useful for simulation of a set of proteolytic cleavages upon target proteins obtained from the Brookhaven Data Bank. The method was developed by using algorithms that are able to interface themselves with other software environments, in order to assist computer analyses in the molecular modelling field, and(More)
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