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A quality control system for profiles obtained by ChIP sequencing
The absence of a quality control (QC) system is a major weakness for the comparative analysis of genome-wide profiles generated by next-generation sequencing (NGS). This concerns particularly genomeExpand
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Methylation specifies distinct estrogen-induced binding site repertoires of CBP to chromatin.
Multiple signaling pathways ultimately modulate the epigenetic information embedded in the chromatin of gene promoters by recruiting epigenetic enzymes. We found that, in estrogen-regulated geneExpand
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Molecular effectors in the chronic exposure to arsenic as early and sensitive biomarkers in developing Rhinella arenarum toads.
Arsenic, a natural element of ecological relevance, is one of the most toxic elements present in various regions of the world. It can be found in natural water sources throughout Argentina inExpand
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Toxicogenomics: new strategies for ecotoxicology studies in autochthonous species II. The 'omic' era in non-model species. Transcriptome analysis for biomarker screening
The emerging field of ecotoxicogenomics aims to combine large-scale approaches to study the responses of organisms to a toxicant. A holistic vision of gene and protein expression in response to toxicExpand
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