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Ultrastructural investigations on the amphigonic reproductive mechanisms in Aphidoidea (Homoptera, Sternorryncha) species, of which little is known in the literature, can provide useful information on their reproductive biology. Morphological and ultrastructural investigations were carried out on the reproductive tract and on spermatozoa from sexually(More)
Morphostructural investigations on male gametes and sperm bundles of Balclutha brevis Lindberg 1954, allochthonous species in Sicily and in mainland Europe, were carried out by light and electron microscopy, since few and fragmented data are known in this respect on leafhoppers, particularly of the subfamily Deltocephalinae. The peculiar feature of the(More)
Morphostructural investigations have been carried out on Apis mellifera workers treated with single controlled acute exposures to a biopesticide containing Bacillus thuringiensis (Bt), to detect midgut changes until 96 h. Our findings show concentration-dependence of these changes, reflecting in different degrees on both mortality and behaviour. In(More)
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