Danilo Franchi

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We present an efficient algorithm for vessel segmentation of digital subtraction angiography (DSA) images. Continuous DSA images (projections), obtained by X-ray fluoroscopy with contrast-media, are normally used as road maps in vessel catheterization. A more efficient technique would consist in the use of a 3D model reconstruction of the vascular tree,(More)
Hand rehabilitation, following stroke or hand surgery, is a repetitive and long duration therapy that can be facilitated with the assistance of gloves based on sensors. These devices can be substituted by a simple and inexpensive system based on the images acquired by 4 cameras and numerical analysis. In this paper we present a numerical hand model used in(More)
In U-shaped, hand-size magnetic resonance surface scanners, imaging is performed along only one spatial direction, with the application of just one gradient (one-dimensional imaging). Lateral spatial resolution can be obtained by magnet displacement, but, in this case, resolution is very poor (on the order of some millimeters) and cannot be useful for(More)
Vascular catheterization is a common procedure in clinical medicine. It is normally performed by a specialist using an X-ray fluoroscopic guide and contrast-media. In the present paper, an image-guided navigation system which indicates a path providing guidance to the desired target inside the vascular tree is described with the aim of reducing the exposure(More)
Digital image processing is fundamental for several biomedical applications. In this paper, we describe an efficient software package, developed in Java, for advanced visualization and processing of biomedical images and volumes. Actually, a great part of biomedical applications is covered by specific software packages: they have a lot of graphical and(More)
In Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), the presence of static magnetic field in-homogeneities introduces distortions and artifacts in the images. A coding/reconstruction algorithm for MRI, based on the assignment of different time varying frequencies (accelerations) to different spatial positions, has been tested on simulated noisy data. Results,(More)
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