Danilo Florissi

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The Distributed Resource Controller (DRC) technology described in this paper provides a novel approach to interfacing applications with emerging network mechanisms to deliver Quality of Service (QoS) and controlling network resource utilization. DRC aims to unify network services (e.g., Diffserv, Intserv, and ATM) and application QoS provisioning by(More)
To bring QoS to the Internet, several better-thanbest-effort network services have been recently devised with significant efforts. The goal of this paper is to measure the effective performances of existing applications after incorporating QoS, and to understand what are the effects of provisioning QoS in the applications. Our experiments use two kinds of(More)
1 This research is sponsored in part by the USAF, Air Force Materiel Command, under contract F30602-97-1-0252, "MarketNet: A Survivable, Market-based Architecture for Large-scale Information Systems". The views and conclusions contained in this document are those of the authors and should not be interpreted as necessarily representing the official policies(More)
Distributed multimedia applications are sensitive to the Quality of Service (QoS) delivered by underlying communication networks. The main question this work addresses is how to adapt multimedia applications to the QoS delivered by the network and vice versa. We introduce QoSockets, an extension to the sockets mechanism to enable QoS reservation and(More)
This paper describes novel market-based technologies that uniquely establish quantifiable and adjustable limits on the power of attackers, enable verifiable accountability for malicious attacks, and admit systematic and uniform monitoring and detection of attacks. These technologies, incorporated in the MarketNet system, establish a financial economy to(More)