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1 Superconvergent discontinuous Galerkin methods for second-order elliptic problems / A multiscale finite element method for partial differential equations posed in domains with rough boundaries / Alexandre L. Madureira 35 Convergence and optimality of adaptive mixed finite element methods / 79 Overlapping additive Schwarz preconditioners for elliptic PDEs(More)
—Radio frequency (RF) tomography is proposed to detect underground voids, such as tunnels or caches, over relatively wide areas of regard. The RF tomography approach requires a set of low-cost transmitters and receivers arbitrarily deployed on the surface of the ground or slightly buried. Using the principles of inverse scattering and diffraction(More)
We present an approach to performing rapid calculations of temperature within tissue by interleaving, at regular time intervals, 1) an analytical solution to the Pennes (or other desired) bioheat equation excluding the term for thermal conduction and 2) application of a spatial filter to approximate the effects of thermal conduction. Here, the basic(More)
A translation to Fortran 90 of Gertrude Blanch's algorithm for computing the expansion coefficients of the series that represent Mathieu functions is presented. Its advantages are portability, higher precision, practicality of use, and extended documentation. In addition, numerical validations and comparisons with other existing methods are presented.
—This paper describes a sparse imaging approach for estimating change images from a constellation of multistatic radar. In our setup, radar antennas are arranged around the perimeter of a surveillance region. This provides large angular diversity but a very small angular sampling. Conventional backprojection imaging techniques applied to this data produce(More)
The spatial resolution that is achievable using non-uniformly sampled data in the Fourier domain is examined. In particular, we focus on the typical non-uniform sampling that arises when diffraction tomography is used. We firstly introduce an effective conversion from non-uniform to uniform sampling grids using a transformation that minimizes an error(More)