Danilo Elias Oliveira

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We present the description of Muelleritermes, new genus, and two new species: M. fritzi, sp. n. and M. globiceps, sp. n. Both species were found only in the Atlantic Forest of southern Brazil. All castes are described and illustrated, and a distribution map is provided. These species seem to be closely related to the genera Velocitermes and Diversitermes,(More)
The taxonomy of Anhangatermes Constantino 1990 is revised. Four new species are described: Anhangatermes anhanguera, sp. n., Anhangatermes eurycephalus, sp. n., Anhangatermes juruena, sp. n., and Anhangatermes pilosus, sp. n. The imago of Anhangatermes is described for the first time (A. pilosus). A key to the species of the genus based on soldiers and(More)
The taxonomy of the neotropical termite genus Diversitermes Holmgren 1912 is revised. Three species are recognized as valid: D. castaniceps (Holmgren 1910), D. diversimiles (Silvestri 1901) and D. tiapuan, sp. n. Identification keys based on soldiers and workers are presented. Diversitermes aporeticus Mathews 1977 is transferred to the genus Velocitermes(More)
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