Danilo Douradinho Fernandes

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This article describes a methodology named Causal Analysis and Resolution (CAR) based on Goals, Questions, and Metrics (GQM) principles. Indicators are defined based on metrics for a decision-making process. Its main contributions are the construction of an information process system model and a prototype, involving GQM approach, in a quantitative(More)
A methodology for implement, design and test, and an instrument for quality inspection complying with the ISO 9126 standard was developed by the Research Group on Software Engineering, GPES, and TATA Consultancy Services at the Aeronautics Institute of Technology, ITA. GPES is a research group based on ITA. The methodology and the instrument use the Causal(More)
This paper shows how to use the state machines and systematic approaches for modeling software to help improve the consistency of the model, verification and validation of an analysis area through a Domain Specific Language (Domain Specifical Language - DSL), in addition to the refinement of the business process (since the mapping of domain analysis and(More)
This paper shows how to use state machines and systematic approaches to software modeling to help modeler to improve, verify and validate a Domain Analysis and also refine and improve enterprise business processes. The main objective of this approach is how to systematic got a DSL from a Domain Analysis which can be used code system respecting, all business(More)
In anticipation of providing a software product quality, organizations select points to be measured in developing this product but do not have a question if they really are those points that should be measured. This work aims to propose a set of indicators that show how a deterministic error affects the business of the organization. They use the approach(More)
This paper summarizes a research process applied to Final Inspection (FI) and Causal Analysis for Problems Resolution (CAR) using a Real Time Embedded Software Component in a Production Line. It uses C++ language in an IBM-Rational Rose Real Time (RRRT) environment. It tackles the creation of a consistent homologation process to eliminate(More)
This paper presents a proposed Formal Control Model(FCM) using a Colored Petri Net (CPN) and an inspection form for risks management within a software project. The basis for this model was the risk areas of the Capability Maturity Model Integration for Software Development (CMMI-DEV). The integration of risk elements from a formally defined quality model(More)
This paper presents a systematic approach applied over State Machine (since it is a wide know model and easy to be used to formal specification) to improve the domain analysis procedure, besides been out of scope of this paper, this approach can also helps to improve the enterprise's business process as well. The motivation which leads to the this paper is(More)
The evolution of technology has enabled research in several areas, one is the software manufacturing cells planning. There are several techniques for the study of design patterns. This line of research and development, small scale production, has been offered some computer systems dedicated to of design patterns analysis. The aim of this paper is to present(More)
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