Danilo Cinti

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Platinum concentrations in topsoil samples collected in 1992 (48) and in 2001 (16) from the urban area of Rome have been determined by ICP-MS. Concentrations in 47 soil samples collected in 1992 from natural sites of Latium (an area around Rome) have been determined for a first assessment of natural background levels. The Pt concentrations in Rome urban(More)
The application of radioisotope scanning to osseous involvement from systemic sarcoidosis has been infrequently described in the scientific literature. Most commonly, the small bones of the hands and feet are affected if sarcoidosis involves the skeleton. Nonetheless, there are also occasional manifestations of sarcoid in the skull, long bones, and(More)
The use of an intrauterine device (IUD) is associated with the presence of actinomyces in the female genital tract. Since IUD use is currently so prevalent, IUD-related pelvic inflammatory disease occasionally spreads to the rest of the abdomen. Two patients with abdominal actinomycosis in association with an IUD illustrate the problem; we review the(More)
We evaluated the radiologic studies of 23 patients with surgically or autopsy-documented gallbladder perforation. Extravasation was shown by cholescintigraphy and cholangiography in seven patients and corresponded to free perforation or large pericholecystic loculation. In 16 patients, ultrasonography and computed tomography detected fluid and abscesses(More)
The paper discusses the correlation between the heating of shallow groundwater over a 10× 20 km wide area close to the town of Nizza Monferrato (Piemonte Region, Northern Italy) and the concomitant local seismic sequences during the period August 2000 – July 2001. The first seismic sequence started on 21 August 2000 with a Ml = 5.2 earthquake. Within few(More)
OBJECTIVE to study determinants of occupational injuries in tunnel construction using data from the surveillance system which had been implemented in order to monitor accidents during the construction of the "high speed train tracks in the Italian Regions Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany. DESIGN retrospective cohort study. SETTING 16 sites for the(More)