Danilo Cáceres Hernández

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In this paper we are proposing a method for detecting the localization of indoor stairways. This is a fundamental step for the implementation of autonomous stair climbing navigation and passive alarm systems intended for the blind and visually impaired. Both of these kinds of systems must be able to recognize parameters that can describe stairways in(More)
This paper we are proposing to detect the localization and recognition of an indoor stairway. This is a fundamental step in the implementing of autonomous stair climbing navigation, as well as the implementing of passive alarm systems intended for the blind and visually impaired. This method analyzes the edges of a stairway based on planar motion tracking(More)
This paper proposes a new method to estimate the 3D motion of a vehicle based on car-like structured motion model using an omnidirectional camera and a laser rangefinder. In recent years, motion estimation using vision sensor has improved by assuming planar motion in most conventional research to reduce requirement parameters and computational cost.(More)
The safety plays the most important role for both pedestrian and driver in autonomous, semi-autonomous or non-autonomous vehicle. To improve pedestrian safety, this paper presents a new type of laser feature extraction methods for crosswalk marking through Laser Measurement System (LMS). The crosswalk detection is achieved in three stages as follows: Lane(More)
This paper describes the smoke detection for static cameras. The background subtraction was used to determine moving objects. Color characteristics were utilized to distinguish smoke regions and other scene members. Separate pixels were united into blobs by morphology operations and connected components labeling methods. The image is then refined by(More)