Danilo Bronzi

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In the present study, we evaluated the expression of some proliferation and differentiation markers in 15 DIV astrocyte cultures pretreated or not with 0.5 mM glutamate for 24 h and than maintained under chronic or acute treatment with 50 μM R(+)enantiomer or raceme alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). GFAP expression significantly increased after (R+)enantiomer(More)
Heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) plays a crucial role in oxidative stress processes, apoptosis and cell differentiation. Further, some proteins related to cell cycle including cyclins and p21 are important markers of astrocyte cultures. Aim of investigation was to study the effects of cholinergic precursors (choline, CDP-choline, Acetylcholine and(More)
Lipoic acid plays a crucial role as antioxidant and metabolic component of enzymes involved in glucose metabolism of different cell types. Choline alphoscerate (α-glyceryl-phosphoryl-choline [αGPC]) is a semisynthetic derivative of phosphatidylcholines representing, among acetilcholine precursors, a cholinergic drug. In the present study, we evaluated the(More)
The effects of noradrenaline (NA) on the inhibitory responses to GABA were studied in vivo in neurons of the vestibular nuclei of the rat using extracellular recordings of single unit electrical activity and a microiontophoretic technique of drug application in loco. NA application influenced GABA-evoked inhibitions in 82% of tested neurons, depressing them(More)
The effect induced by noradrenaline (NA) on the spiking activity evoked by glutamate (Glu) on single neurons of the mesencephalic red nucleus (RN) of the rat was studied extracellularly. Long-lasting microiontophoretic applications of the amine induced a significant and reversible depression of the responsiveness of RN neurons to Glu. This effect was(More)
We pioneer a novel single-photon detection platform able to exploit the best performance out from state-of-the-art Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs), fabricated in CMOS, custom Silicon and also InGaAs/InP technologies. The platform provides cost-effective, high-performance, fully programmable, time-resolved detection modules, all based on a common FPGA(More)
  • D Bronzi, F Villa, S Bellisai, S Tisa, A Tosi, G Ripamonti +5 others
  • 2012
We designed and characterized Silicon Single-Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) fabricated in a high-voltage 0.35 μm CMOS technology, achieving state-of-the-art low Dark Counting Rate (DCR), very large diameter, and extended Photon Detection Efficiency (PDE) in the Near Ultraviolet. So far, different groups fabricated CMOS SPADs in scaled technologies, but(More)
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