Danilo Alves de Lima

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— This paper presents an approach for road detection based on image segmentation. This segmentation is resulted from merging 2D and 3D image processing data from a stereo vision system. The 2D layer returns a matrix containing pixel's clusters based on the Watershed transform. Whereas the 3D layer return labels, that are classified by the V-Disparity(More)
This work presents a safe navigation approach for a car-like robot. The approach relies on a global motion planning based on Velocity Vector Fields along with a Dynamic Window Approach for avoiding unmodeled obstacles. Basically, the vector field is associated with a kinematic, feedback-linearization controller whose outputs are validated, and eventually(More)
— This paper presents an approach for the development of Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) based on the human-vehicle interaction using Image-based Dynamic Window Approach (IDWA). The IDWA is associated to a method for dynamic obstacles avoidance in order to prevent human driving errors, in the context of intelligent robotic vehicles. The(More)
— This paper presents the approach of an applicable safety driving methodology for human drivers based on Dynamic Window Approach (DWA), as an implementation of Advanced Driving Assist Systems (ADASs). The human driving behaviors are modelled for the design of controller, refined by referential paths using evasive trajectory model, and the linear and(More)