Danilo Alves de Lima

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This paper presents the approach of an applicable safety driving methodology for human drivers with focus on human-vehicle interaction. The approach is based on Dynamic Window Approach (DWA) in co-operation with perception of the obstacles. The human driving behaviors are modelled for the design of controller, refined by referential paths using evasive(More)
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are electronic systems, present on modern vehicles, which enhance the road safety by providing assistance on the driving act. These systems are usually associated with semi-autonomous and expensive vehicles. Oppositely, yet affordable, modern smartphones, endowed with an operating system, are capable of providing a(More)
This paper presents a new hybrid control approach for vision-based navigation applied to autonomous robotic automobiles in urban environments. It is composed by a visual servoing (VS) for road lane following (as deliberative control) and a dynamic window approach (DWA) for obstacle avoidance (as reactive control). Typically, VS applications do not change(More)
This paper presents a sensor-based control strategy applied in the global navigation of autonomous vehicles in urban environments. Typically, sensor-based control performs local navigation tasks regarding some features perceived from the environment. However, when there is more than one possibility to go, like in road intersection, the vehicle control fails(More)
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