Danila Paula Argentino

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In the present study we have used hypopituitary Ames dwarf mice, which lack GH, prolactin and TSH, to investigate the consequences of the deficiency of these hormones on glucose homeostasis and on the initial components of the insulin signal transduction pathway in the liver. Ames dwarf mice displayed hypersensitivity to insulin since they maintained lower(More)
Ames dwarf mice are a model of retarded aging and extended longevity and display enhanced insulin sensitivity. Caloric restriction (CR) and the dwarf mutation have additive effects on lifespan. To begin to understand the mechanisms behind this effect, an analysis of the in vivo status of the insulin signaling system was performed in skeletal muscle from(More)
The in vivo status of the proximal components of the insulin signaling system was investigated in skeletal muscle of Ames (Prop1df/Prop1df) dwarf mice. The insulin-stimulated phosphorylation of the insulin receptor (IR) was reduced by 55% in Ames dwarf mice, while IR receptor protein content was not altered. Insulin-stimulated phosphorylation of IRS-1 and(More)
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