Danil Markov

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AIM OF THE STUDY To assess the feasibility of ultrasound screening and diagnosis of structural fetal anomalies at the 11-14 week scan. METHODS An observational prospective follow up study from March 2000 till May 2003 was performed at three referral centers by seven experienced sonographers with high-resolution ultrasound equipment. 1135 singleton(More)
A case of bilateral cleft lip and palate associated with increased fetal nuchal translucency detected at 14 weeks of gestation in a cocaine abusing pregnant woman is presented. There were no other associated structural or chromosomal abnormalities. We propose that systematic examination in both the sagittal and parasagittal plane of the fetal profile and(More)
AIM To assess the feasibility of ultrasound for the prenatal diagnosis and the evaluation of prognosis in cases with empty fetal renal fossa. METHODS A prospective observational longitudinal study from September 2007 till May 2010 was performed with high-resolution ultrasound equipment at MC "MARKOVS" and State University Hospital of Ob/Gyne "Maichin(More)
Perineal ectopia testis is a rare congenital anomaly with incidence of < 1% of all cases of undescended testes. We report a case of perineal ectopic testis detected by ultrasound at 38 weeks gestational age presenting as an oval echogenic structure located beneath the male fetal genitals. The diagnosis was confirmed postpartum by clinical examination and(More)
Trisomy of chromosome 8 (Warkany syndrome) is a rare chromosomal abnormality associated with retarded psycho-motor development, facial dysmorphism and other structural anomalies. We present a case report of fetal mosaicism of trisomy 8 at 30 weeks of gestation associated with agenesis of the corpus callosum as part of a larger polymalformation sequence.
AIM To assess the feasibility of the calcium antagonist Nifedipine as an oral tocolytic for the treatment of preterm labor. METHODS Thirty-seven pregnant women in preterm labor participated in a prospective longitudinal study. Inclusion criteria were: gestational age between 24 and 32 weeks gestation; uterine contractions in 30 min interval; lack of(More)
Nuchal translucency (NT) measurement between 11-14 weeks of gestation is an'effective method of ultrasound screening for chromosomal fetal anomalies, congenital heart disease, some other structural abnormalities, rare genetic syndromes, skeletal dysplasia and adverse pregnancy outcome (spontaneous abortion and intrauterine fetal demise). The aim of the(More)
AIM To assess the possibilities of first trimester three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound fetal morphology survey and to analyze its advantages and limitations. METHODS A retrospective study of 483 singleton pregnancies scanned between 11-14 weeks of gestation (w.g.) was performed in the University Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology "Maichin dom" and MC(More)
OBJECTIVES To investigate the ability of transabdominal ultrasound to detect nuchal cord(s) between 37 and 42 completed weeks of gestation (w.g.) and to assess its prognostic value in relation with the perinatal outcome. METHODS Transabdominal ultrasound examination using gray-scale and color Doppler imaging was performed in 86 singleton pregnancies(More)