Danika Evans

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Recent literature indicates the potential of community-based obesity prevention programmes in the endeavour to reduce the prevalence of obesity in developed nations. Considerable suggestion and advocacy come from theoretical standpoints and little is known on actual practical application of this type of multi-component health promotion programme. This(More)
Developing multi-disciplinary public health training is an international as well as national public health issue. In the UK, recent government health policy has emphasised the importance of developing multi-disciplinary public health activity to improve the nation’s health. The English white paper Saving Lives: Our Healthier Nation recognises that the(More)
This article reports the results of a study of the impact of quasi-market reforms on sexually transmitted disease (STD) services in one UK health region. An internal or quasi-market was introduced into UK health care in the 1991 reforms of the National Health Service (NHS). Health authorities (HAs) and general practitioner fundholders were given major new(More)
In a population with high prevalences in schoolchildren of infection with hookworm (32.4%), Ascaris (22.9%) and Trichuris (2.5%), visible haematuria (17.9%), micro-haematuria (17%) and proteinuria (47.3%), the knowledge about transmission of schistosomiasis and acceptability of a school-based control programme were assessed. The community perceived(More)
Point-of-care ultrasonography has been shown to have pervasive clinical and educational utility in medicine. The need to provide medical students with training in point-of-care ultrasonography has been recognized by an increasing number of osteopathic and allopathic medical schools. A 4-year integrated ultrasonography curriculum was implemented at Rocky(More)
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