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OBJECTIVE To examine (1) the prevalence of experiencing physical, injurious and sexual intimate partner violence (IPV) and (2) the associations between HIV risks and different types of IPV among women receiving care in an inner city emergency department (ED). METHODS A cross-sectional survey that elicited self-reported HIV risks and IPV among a random(More)
This article reports on early results from an ongoing selective breeding study in which rats were selected for different rates of ultrasonic vocalization (USV) in response to isolation. Using the N:NIH strain, all litters were screened at 10 (+/- 1) days of age in a 2-min isolation test, and those males and females with the highest (or lowest) rates in each(More)
OBJECTIVES We examined the associations between posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and HIV risk behaviors among a random sample of 241 low-income women receiving care in an urban emergency department. METHODS We recruited participants from the emergency department waiting room during randomly selected 6-hour blocks of time. Multivariate analyses and(More)
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