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Development of a Novel Cross-linking Strategy for Fast and Accurate Identification of Cross-linked Peptides of Protein Complexes*
Knowledge of elaborate structures of protein complexes is fundamental for understanding their functions and regulations. Although cross-linking coupled with mass spectrometry (MS) has been presentedExpand
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A New in Vivo Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry Platform to Define Protein–Protein Interactions in Living Cells*
Protein–protein interactions (PPIs) are fundamental to the structure and function of protein complexes. Resolving the physical contacts between proteins as they occur in cells is critical toExpand
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Selective enrichment and identification of azide-tagged cross-linked peptides using chemical ligation and mass spectrometry
Protein-protein interaction is one of the key regulatory mechanisms for controlling protein function in various cellular processes. Chemical cross-linking coupled with mass spectrometry has proven toExpand
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Diastereoselective synthesis of the pectenotoxin 2 non-anomeric AB spiroacetal.
The reductive cyclization reaction of a cyanoacetal has been used to prepare the pectenotoxin 2 (PTX-2) AB spiroacetal with high diastereoselectively for the first time. The strategy is convergentExpand
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Synthesis of two new enrichable and MS-cleavable cross-linkers to define protein-protein interactions by mass spectrometry.
The cross-linking Mass Spectrometry (XL-MS) technique extracts structural information from protein complexes without requiring highly purified samples, crystallinity, or large amounts of material.Expand
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Synthesis and SAR of selective small molecule neuropeptide Y Y2 receptor antagonists.
Highly potent and selective small molecule neuropeptide Y Y2 receptor antagonists are reported. The systematic SAR exploration of a hit moleculeExpand
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Synthesis and SAR of Selective Small Molecule Neuropeptide Y Y2 Receptor Antagonists.
Structure—activity relationship exploration of a high throughput screening hit leads to the discovery of the highly potent NPY Y2 antagonists CYM 9484 (Ia) and CYM 9552 (Ib), possessing inhibitionExpand
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Design of CID-cleavable protein cross-linkers: identical mass modifications for simpler sequence analysis.
The cross-linking Mass Spectrometry (XL-MS) technique has enormous potential for studying the interactions between proteins, and it can provide detailed structural information about the interactionExpand
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B . 5 Using Selective Reaction Monitoring ( SRM ) Mass Spectrometry To Unmask Regulatory Feedback Loops Controlling Adipogenesis
Identifying the direct protein targets of a bioactive small molecule gives insight into the compound’s mechanism of action, its efficacy, and possible toxicity. Target identification is becoming anExpand