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A case of bronchobiliary fistula (BBF) was demonstrated in the setting of polycystic kidney and liver disease (PCKLD) by hepatobiliary scintigraphy. High-resolution noncontrast computed tomography through the liver showed a polycystic liver. A calcified cyst adjacent to the dome of the liver appeared to have a fistulous connection with the lung on coronal(More)
The objectives of the study were (1) to determine relationships between high-moisture corn (HMC) dry matter (DM), ammonia-N [% of crude protein (CP)], and soluble CP concentrations, and pH, with 7-h ruminal in vitro starch digestibility (ivStarchD), and (2) to evaluate the effect of ensiling on pH, ammonia-N, soluble CP, and ivStarchD measurements in HMC. A(More)
Mean particle size of alfalfa silage and corn silage can be predicted based on material retained above a screen with square-hole diagonal of 9 mm. The regression equation is mean particle length (mm) = 1.16 + 13.00 x cumulative fraction of as-fed mass trapped on or above the 9-mm screen; r2 = 0.89. For mixed rations, the intercept was 0.54 and the slope(More)
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