Danielle Tan

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The quantum state of a superconducting transmon qubit inside a three-dimensional cavity is monitored by transmission of a microwave field through the cavity. The information inferred from the measurement record is incorporated in a density matrix ρ_{t}, which is conditioned on probe results until t, and in an auxiliary matrix E_{t}, which is conditioned on(More)
The evolution of a quantum state undergoing radiative decay depends on how its emission is detected. If the emission is detected in the form of energy quanta, the evolution is characterized by a quantum jump to a lower energy state. In contrast, detection of the wave nature of the emitted radiation leads to different dynamics. Here, we investigate the(More)
In quantum physics, measurements give random results and yield a corresponding random backaction on the state of the system subject to measurement. If a quantum system is probed continuously over time, its state evolves along a stochastic quantum trajectory. To investigate the characteristic properties of such dynamics, we perform weak continuous(More)
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