Danielle S Gruen

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Methane is an important energy resource and significant long-lived greenhouse gas. Carbon and hydrogen isotope ratios have been used to better constrain the sources of methane but interpretations based on these two parameters alone can often be inconclusive. The precise measurement of a doubly substituted methane isotopologue, (13)CH3D, is expected to add a(More)
Methane is a key component in the global carbon cycle, with a wide range of anthropogenic and natural sources. Although isotopic compositions of methane have traditionally aided source identification, the abundance of its multiply substituted "clumped" isotopologues (for example, (13)CH3D) has recently emerged as a proxy for determining methane-formation(More)
In this article, the current knowledge of postpartum depression is reviewed, leading to an understanding of this form of depression as an expression of psychosocial factors compounded by the biological changes of the puerperium. A rationale for treating women in the context of the postpartum period is described. A novel approach to treatment is presented.(More)
Postpartum depression, which affects up to 20 percent of new mothers, is an illness often neglected or dismissed by health professionals, leaving the majority of such mothers and their families untreated and confused. This article describes the reasons postpartum depression frequently goes unrecognized and the characteristics, symptoms, and risk factors(More)
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