Danielle Radford

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PURPOSE Host, tumor, and treatment-related factors influencing cosmetic outcome are analyzed for patients receiving breast conservation treatment. METHODS AND MATERIALS Four-hundred and fifty-eight patients with evaluable records for cosmesis evaluation, a subset of 701 patients treated for invasive breast cancer with conservation technique between 1969(More)
Changes in facial blood flow were investigated during an introductory conversation, delivering a speech, and listening to the speech afterwards in 16 people with a fear of blushing and 16 controls. It was hypothesized that fear of blushing would be associated with high ratings of self-reported blushing intensity and embarrassment during the tasks, and with(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors evaluated the differences between stereotactic core needle biopsy (SCNBx) and needle localization surgical biopsy (NLBx) in cost and treatment course for patients with mammographically detected breast cancer. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Stereotactic core needle breast biopsy is a reproducible and reliable alternative to surgical biopsy(More)
We describe four successful pregnancies in three women who had previously had a Fontan repair for congenital heart disease. Each pregnancy resulted in a live birth and there was no maternal mortality The infants were premature, being delivered at 26, 30 and 35 weeks, and weighing 1,020, 1,333 and 1,930 g respectively The fourth infant was born at 32 weeks(More)
Serial measurements of the MB isoenzyme of creatine kinase, total creatine kinase, aspartate mainotransferase, and urea stable lactate dehydrogenase have been made in the serum of a series of 139 patients admitted with a diagnosis of suspected myocardial infarction. Serum MB isoenzyme measurements have also been made on postoperative surgical patients and(More)
INTRODUCTION Traditionally, treatment options for patients with pulmonary arterial hypertension associated with congenital heart disease (PAH-CHD) are limited. Bosentan has been shown to improve pulmonary haemodynamics and exercise tolerance short term but long term clinical studies are lacking. AIM To report long term efficacy and safety data with(More)
INTRODUCTION Prolactin circulates predominantly as a 23-kDa monomer, and a high-molecular-weight form largely consisting of a complex of prolactin and an anti-prolactin IgG autoantibody, called macroprolactin. This cross-reacts with conventional laboratory assays for prolactin. We here describe how quantitative adjustment for this may assist patient(More)
Twenty-two patients with pulmonary metastases from adenocarcinoma of the colon and rectum had sputum samples examined for cytology. All patients had lesions demonstrated on chest roentgenography and eight patients also underwent bronchoscopy. Three or more sputum samples were examined for eight patients, two samples for seven patients, and seven patients(More)
This study characterized the effects of nutritionally induced metabolic acidosis with or without Gln infusion on acid-base balance, plasma AA, and plasma NEFA in sheep. In a randomized complete block design with a 2 x 2 factorial arrangement of treatments, 24 fully fleeced sheep (Rideau-Arcott, 63.6 +/- 5.9 kg of BW) were fed a control supplement (CS; 300(More)
Displacement of the origin of the tricuspid valve into the right ventricle, redundancy of its leaflets and tricuspid incompetence are all present to varying degrees in Ebstein's disease. Cardiac arrhythmias are a common feature. Presentation in infancy with severe displacement of the valve, right-sided heart failure, cyanosis and gross cardiomegaly are the(More)
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