Danielle O'Neill

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Fifty patients ranging in age between 50-78 years (mean, 56) underwent surgery for a herniated lumbar disc between January 1986 and July 1988. All had objective clinical and radiographic evidence of a herniated disc. All had had failure during an appropriate period of conservative treatment. Far lateral herniation occurred in 8%, and 28% had disc(More)
Eighty-one patients who had spinal fusions performed for back pain over a 7-year period were reviewed; 74% were satisfied with the outcome of their surgery, mainly because of the degree of pain relief obtained. Based on lateral radiographs of the fusion area in flexion and extension, there was a 34% pseudarthrosis rate in first-time fusions. However, there(More)
OBJECTIVE To test a proposed mechanism for the effect of balance-based torso-weighting (BBTW) in people with multiple sclerosis (MS) and healthy controls. The mechanism to be tested is that application of light weights to the trunk may result in a biomechanical shift of postural sway in the direction of weighting, mechanically facilitating maintenance of(More)
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