Danielle Nagelberg

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During animal development, SDF1 simultaneously guides various cell types to different targets. As many targets are in close proximity to one another, it is unclear how the system avoids mistargeting. Zebrafish trigeminal sensory neurons express the SDF1 receptor Cxcr4b and encounter multiple SDF1 sources during migration, but ignore all but the correct one.(More)
The pharyngeal arch arteries (PAAs) are a series of paired embryonic blood vessels that give rise to several major arteries that connect directly to the heart. During development, the PAAs emerge from nkx2.5-expressing mesodermal cells and connect the dorsal head vasculature to the outflow tract of the heart. Despite their central role in establishing the(More)
Organ morphogenesis depends on the precise orchestration of cell migration, cell shape changes and cell adhesion. We demonstrate that Notch signaling is an integral part of the Wnt and Fgf signaling feedback loop coordinating cell migration and the self-organization of rosette-shaped sensory organs in the zebrafish lateral line system. We show that Notch(More)
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