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PURPOSE The extent to which immigrant-specific factors influence the intergenerational transmission of family violence is unknown. The objectives of this paper are to examine the associations between immigrant generational status (IGS), child maltreatment (CM), intimate partner violence (IPV) and acculturation (i.e., the extent to which an individual adopts(More)
C-reactive protein (CRP) is an inflammatory biomarker of inflammation and may reflect progression of vascular disease. Conflicting evidence suggests CRP may be a prognostic biomarker of ischemic stroke outcome. Most studies that have examined the relationship between CRP and ischemic stroke outcome have used mortality or subsequent vascular event as the(More)
The mandatory reporting of intimate partner violence (IPV) is a controversial issue that is receiving increased attention. A related concern is whether children's exposure to IPV constitutes child maltreatment, making it reportable to child protective services. These issues have been relatively unexplored within the context of home visitation programs. A(More)
UNLABELLED All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a popular source of outdoor activity in the United States, particularly in West Virginia. During the period of time from 1999 to 2007, deaths associated with ATVs in West Virginia increased by 28%. Helmet use among bicycle and motorcycle riders has been shown to decrease morbidity and mortality following trauma. (More)
BACKGROUND Despite an increase in knowledge about the epidemiology of intimate partner violence (IPV), much less is known about interventions to reduce IPV and its associated impairment. One program that holds promise in preventing IPV and improving outcomes for women exposed to violence is the Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), an evidence-based nurse home(More)
The current generation of older adults reports a higher lifetime prevalence of prescription, over-the-counter, and recreational drug use. The purpose of this analysis is to characterize the drug usage and determine the risk of motor vehicle collision associated with individual medications in a population of drivers ≥65 years. A case-crossover study was(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine nurse home visitors' perspectives of and intentions to report children's exposure to intimate partner violence (IPV) in the context of the home visitation setting. DESIGN AND SAMPLE Cross-sectional study of 532 nurse home visitors in the Nurse-Family Partnership home visitation program. MEASURES A web-based questionnaire assessing(More)
Emergency department (ED) use, by both insured and uninsured, leads to significant health care costs in the United States. While frequent ED use is often attributed to the uninsured, there is some evidence that insured populations also report utilizing the ED when otherwise preventable or nonurgent. We conducted in-person surveys of patients visiting the ED(More)
BACKGROUND Older adults represent a growing percentage of the United States (US) population living with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The Emergency Department plays an integral role in the identification and initial evaluation and treatment of patients with HIV. OBJECTIVE We sought to estimate the number of hospitalizations of older adults (age ≥ 50(More)