Danielle Lind

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The purpose of this study was to investigate how patients with maxillofacial defects evaluate their quality of life after maxillectomy and prosthodontic therapy with obturator prostheses. 43 patients were included in the study (25 female, 18 male). 31 (72%) patients completed a standardized questionnaire of 143 items and then answered additional questions(More)
Persons aged 50 years and over will soon disproportionately represent the future of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. It is estimated that by 2015 older adults will represent 50% of persons living with HIV in the United States. Despite the HIV/AIDS growing population among older adults, attitudes, beliefs, and stereotypes toward older adults that exist in general(More)
A case of agranulocytosis is reported in which amodiaquine, to which the patient had been exposed, was found to be toxic to the patient's bone marrow cells when these were cultured in an agar colony system in vitro. This technique should be investigated in other patients with agranulocytosis as a possible means of detecting toxic agents.
Culture of bone marrow and/or blood cells in a semisolid agar system from 43 adults with acute nonlymphoblastic leukemia at first presentation showed two distinct growth patterns at 14 days. In 53% of patients cells failed to grow (type O), while in the remainder an abnormal growth pattern (type B) with small numbers of diffuse colonies and excessive(More)
Population based cytogenetic fra(X) surveys have not previously been reported from Denmark. In the present study we present an estimate of fra(X) based on 1) information from the Danish Central Cytogenetic Registry of diagnosed fra(X) males of all age groups in all Denmark in the period 1980-1992 and 2) a systematic cytogenetic fra(X) survey of 175 of(More)
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