Danielle L Simpson

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Clinical and fibreoptic assessment of the positioning of the laryngeal mask airway was performed in 100 children. Clinical observation indicated a patent airway in 98% and severe airway obstruction in 2% of cases. Perfect positioning, as judged by fibreoptic laryngoscopy, was found in 49% and the epiglottis was within the mask in 49%. Fibreoptic evidence of(More)
The clinical findings in 18 dogs with gracilis (n = 17) or semitendinosus (n = 1) myopathy are described. Each dog had a similar hind-limb gait abnormality characterized by a shortened stride with a rapid, elastic medial rotation of the paw, internal rotation of the hock and external rotation of the calcaneus [corrected] and internal rotation of the stifle(More)
The authors performed a randomised, prospective trial in which one junior anaesthetist administered gaseous induction of anaesthesia to 50 unpremedicated children with either isoflurane or halothane in nitrous oxide and oxygen. Arterial oxygen saturation and the electrocardiogram were monitored and the incidence of complications noted. Desaturation below(More)
Long-term follow-up of 9 survivors of the adult respiratory distress syndrome at 39 to 83 months demonstrated 2 patients with continued improvement of their restrictive pattern, 3 patients with stable mild obstructive disease, one patient who had had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease before the adult respiratory distress syndrome with continued(More)
Thirty patients scheduled for major middle ear surgery and induced hypotension, with a trimetaphan/sodium nitroprusside infusion, were randomly allocated to receive a single oral dose of beta-adrenoreceptor antagonist 2 hours before surgery. In group 1 ten patients received metoprolol 50 mg, in group 2 ten patients received metoprolol 25 mg and in group 3(More)
PURPOSE To classify patients with patellofemoral (PF) instability on the basis of their mechanical gait characteristics, and to relate gait deficits to patellofemoral congruence. METHODS Thirteen patients awaiting patellar stabilisation surgery were recruited for gait analysis and magnetic resonance imaging, MRI assessment of PF congruence. Patients were(More)
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