Danielle Gaynor

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OBJECTIVE There is a lack of clarity about the most useful intervention for functional non-epileptic attacks (FNEA). Outcomes for this condition remain often poor, with considerable personal, social and economic impact. In order to guide clinical practice and future research in this area, we have performed a systematic review of the published literature on(More)
Nonepileptic attack disorder (NEAD) is a highly distressing and costly condition commonly seen in specialist epilepsy clinics. Consistently effective treatments for NEAD remain elusive, and findings from research indicate that there is no one form of psychological therapy that will be effective in such a heterogeneous group of patients. In this paper, we(More)
In the late 19th century words like “Oh my, I’m feeling rather faint” were uttered regularly. It was the early Greeks who first identified female hysteria and later the diagnosis became associated with Freud. Hysteria or vapours, as it was also known, was associated with women of the higher social classes. When these women encountered something offensive to(More)
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